Haier Biomedical Ice-Lined & Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerators

Vaccines are one of the most key players for preventing outbreaks of certain communicable diseases including COVID-19. While providing vaccination to the public, optimal storage of the vaccines is very essential. If exposed to inadequate temperature, vaccine potency diminishes. Thus, from the moment when vaccines are manufactured, they need to be constantly stored at the right temperature until they reach the recipient. Haier Biomedical has successfully introduced new technology and infrastructure for a complete Cold Chain Solution, including ice-lined refrigerator and solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator, to secure vaccine safety and quality.


Haier Ice-Lined Refrigerator

Haier Biomedical’s Ice-Lined Refrigerators are specifically designed to secure safety and potency of sensitive vaccines which need to be cooled at a controlled and stable temperature. Equipped with a solar-powered display panel, rated for a wide ambient range of 5-43°C, this refrigerator is appropriate for unstable electricity supply regions.


  • Solar Energy Display Panel
  • Heated pipe for better temperature uniformity
  • CFC-free high-density foam insulation
  • Complied with WHO/UNICEF standards Grade A freeze protection to make the vaccine never frozen in the compartment
  • Equipped with digital solar powered temperature display to measure controlled inside temperature range from 2°C– 8°C
  • Safety lock to avoid unauthorized access control, equipped with handles on the sides


Haier Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerator

Haier Biomedical’s solar-powered vaccine refrigerators are vital to remote, rural and other effected regions in order to ensure the right temperature for vaccines even during power shortages. This products can be used to store vaccine, reagent and freeze ice pack. Haier Biomedical produces a range of chest and upright refrigerators, with our Solar Direct Drive refrigerators available in many different sizes. In the Solar powered it have three types of Refrigerator. There are Solar Refrigerator (HTC), Solar Freezer (HTD), and Solar Combined (HTCD). HTC have also chest type & upright.

General Features:

  • WHO/PQS qualified CFC-Free Refrigerant
  • Solar power is green and environmentally friendly
  • Microprocessor control, solar energy display panel for showing refrigerator & freezer
  • A level protection ensures required internal temperature


Features of Solar Refrigerator (HTC)

  • Wide temperature range, working normally at 5-43°C ambient; interior temperature range 2-8°C                                    
  • Cooling chamber meet the A level WHO requirements of anti-freezing protection
  • Inner door offer additional temperature protection.

Features of Solar Freezer (HTD)

  • Interior temperature less than -10°C
  • Wide temperature range, working normally less than 43°C ambient
  • Heavy insulation layer, high-efficiency of heat insulation
  • Can be used to freeze ice pack, applicable to the sunny and power shortage remote area

Features of Solar Combined Refrigerator/Freezer (HTCD)

  • The refrigerating chamber and freezing chamber both have the separate refrigerating system: the two independent refrigerating ensure safety of the vaccine storage
  • Refrigerator temperature range is 2-8 °C, freezer temperature is less than -10°C.
  • Wide temperature range, working normally less than 5-43°C ambient


Ref: Haier Biomedical COVID 19 Vaccine Cold Chain Complete Solutions

Contacts for further information 

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  • Lwin Thandar May: 09 441 926 363