Goods Return policy 

  • Cold chain products return must be accepted for RUD (Rejection Upon Delivery) only.
  • Non-cold chain products return must be accepted within (7) days after receipt of the products by customer.

Specific Criteria to Return Products

To be eligible for a return,

  • Items must be unused and in the same condition that received it.
  • Items must be in the original packaging include any accessories, manuals and documentation that shipped with the product.
  • Original seals and security measure must not be broken.
  • Items must be clean (no cracks, scratches, dirty or marked tires, etc.)
  • Items must be stored at recommended temperature mentioned on products before return back.
  • All items must be same with items such as Reference number, Batch/serial Number and quantities mentioned in packing list, Delivery order and invoice.
  • Remaining shelf life must be acceptable.
  • Product’s function must be in correct condition and Engineer team must be checked and approved before return back to DSC (If the products has already installed at customer’s site).
  • Only return upon delivery (RUD) will be acceptable for cold chain return. But Cold Chain Goods process may vary depending on customer condition can return within (24) hours after delivery if Cold chain returns are exclusively handled in the cold room area at customer and it can be shown evidence such as data loggers. Cold chain return must be with ice gel packs / dry ices.

 Not to be eligible for a return,

  • Products that are not in the original packaging bearing the original label or repackaged product. This includes prescription and/or other labels added to and/or removed from the product package
  • Products that are more than six (6) months prior to the expiration date if the reason for return mentioned as nearly expired date.
  • Products involved in a fire sale, sacrifice sale, bankruptcy, flood, or earthquake.
  • Products deteriorated or damaged due to conditions such as improper storage, heat, cold, water, smoke, fire, negligence, etc.
  • Products sold with specific understanding that it is single used items which are not in specific packaging.

Exchange Policy

About Exchange

If your product is eligible for a return and fulfils all conditions described hereabove, you can exchange your product.

The product being exchanged must meet the following criteria:

  • Shipped to same address of delivery;
  • Not be an accessory of the product;
  • Not identical to the product being returned; and
  • Was not purchased with promotion.

 Exchanges for a different size

Exchanges are available for a size variation. The product must be:

  • A different size than the return product; and
  • Sold and delivered by Sea Lion.

Cancellation Policy 

The intent of this policy is to recover all reasonable costs associated with customers cancelling all or part of an order after order acceptance and acknowledgement from us. While we understand that orders might need to be changed sometimes, we are unable to do it free of charge after a certain point. We strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy.

Customers can instantly cancel order after your payment has not been paid successfully and or before the seller ships order, such orders can be cancelled without seller's approval. If the seller has already arranged the order for shipment and or a paid order is cancelled, then customers will need seller's approval for cancellation.

Orders Cancelled Before Fulfillment will be treated with no other applicable fees for cancel.

Orders Cancelled After Fulfillment will be treated as a “Return” with all applicable fees such as delivery fees.  (Refer to the Goods Return Policy)

Orders which are Refused At Delivery may be assessed an order cancellation fees, a re-stocking fees and/or other applicable fees.

(If any Products are wrongly delivered for the Products you ordered, we shall collect the wrongly delivered Products in unused condition, and at your option, either deliver the correct Products to you at no additional costs or refund the billed amount of such Products to you.)

Refund Policy

If customers cancel the order, we will refund all payments that received from customers, excluding the delivery costs only after the goods has been received to us.

When refunding to customers, we will use the same means of payment that customers used for the original transaction, unless something else was explicitly agreed with customers.

We will not bear the costs of the return shipment of the goods and we will deduct the pick-up fees for return products from refunding amount.


Your Sea Lion Team