Single Use Syringes for Injectors

CT/MR Injector and Its Single-Use Disposables


Although it is very convenient to use the SAME syringe for multiple consecutive patients to save time and cut costs, it can be a potential source of infection. Multiple-use of syringes is known to be associated with increased risk of infection, which is particularly important in sick patients and single use syringes that are disposable should be preferred. 


There are multiple reasons why Single-Use Disposables should be re-used with caution. These include (3):

  1. Single-use devices may not be designed to allow thorough decontamination.
  2. Reprocessing may alter device characteristics, and performance may be compromised as a result.
  3. Single-use devices do not undergo extensive testing validation and testing for reuse.
  4. Single-use devices may cause cross-infection due to design (for example, fine bores of tubes).
  5. Some materials can absorb certain chemicals, which can gradually leach from the material over time.
  6. Chemicals may corrode or change device materials.
  7. Device material may experience stress during reuse and may fail, stretch, or break.
  8. Inadequately cleaned equipment can carry bacterial endotoxins, which remain after bacteria are killed.

Owing to these, re-use of single use medical devices is banned in many countries including China, France and the UK (4).

Key Messages for promotion of Bayer Single Use Syringes

Why choose Bayer single use syringes over other products?

1) Quality

Bayer syringes are made according to strict quality and reliability controls at every step of the production process. 


2) Designed for your MEDRAD® Injector

Bayer Syringes are designed, tested and warrantied as integral components for your Bayer MEDRAD® Injection Systems.


3)Strict Vendor Qualification

Each supplier has been carefully chosen, audited and certified to provide materials that completely adhere to our chemical composition and purity specifications.

4) Precision Manufacturing

Our US-based manufacturing facility produces syringes to extremely tight tolerances. The volume of silicone coating inside the syringe barrel is precisely controlled. This facilitates optimal device performance and accurate fluid delivery.

5) Robust Packaging

Every syringe package adheres to strict specifications and rigorous environmental and transportation simulation testing.

6) Material choice

Specific, medical-grade materials are selected via a strict vendor qualification process to ensure optimal injector performance and patient care. Bayer’s development sourcing procedures adhere to internationally required biocompatibility standards, ensuring the safety profile of your syringes.

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