Syringe Pump/Infusion Pump (Alaris CC/ Alaris GW800)

          The route of transmission of novel corona-virus and its clinical presentation are similar to that of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), with flu-like symptoms and acute respiratory failure affecting human’s respiratory system. It needs to treat at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) if severe respiratory symptoms are present. 

          When COVID-19 patients presenting severe respiratory symptoms are treated at ICU, Infusion pump/ Syringe pump become essential machines in treating and monitoring patients. It is very important to infuse accurate volume within different wide range in treating patients suffering from shock and patients with Endotracheal tube.   


Description (Alaris™ Syringe Pump)

          The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump offers a range of features suited to drug therapy, blood and blood products and epidural therapy, including: large, clear display, intuitive user interface, integrated design and wide range of specialty infusion sets.

                                                              Pictures of Syringe Pump

          The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump is also compatible with the Guardrails™ Suite of safety software giving you the power to identify, track and, ultimately, prevent many of the most harmful IV medication errors. The Alaris™ CC plus syringe pump represents one of today's safest and most advanced syringe pump technologies


  • In-line Pressure Monitoring
  • Drug Protocols
  • Alarm & Warning Beacon
  • Large Display
  • Folding Pole Clamp
  • Portability

Ease of Use

  • Large display (easy to read data and clearly visible from a distance in all lighting conditions)
  • Folding pole clamp (built-in)
  • Portability


  • Provide constant indication of in-line pressure
  • Capable of highly accurate
  • Real time pressure monitoring
  • Minimize unintentional bolus release
  • Reduce time to alarm, small syringes
  • Alarm & warning beacon
  • Build standardized drug protocols (up to 3000 drug protocols)

Specification Brochure


Description (Alaris™  GW Infusion/Volumetric Pump)

          In today’s healthcare environment, the lack of space around the patient’s bedside can be a critical issue. The space saving design of the Alaris™ GW volumetric pump offers many real clinical benefits for the safe delivery of intravenous therapy.

Pictures of Infusion Pump

          The Alaris GW Volumetric Pump is a small lightweight volumetric infusion pump that provides accurate and reliable infusion over a range of rates. The ideal pump for general care and critical care. This compact and lightweight pump makes it easier to treat patients, particularly during patient transfers, help improve efficiency and enhance patient safety. The pump design provides many built-in safety features that will assist the healthcare worker in reducing the risks of harm.


  • Air-in-line sensor
  • Titration mode
  • Free flow protection
  • Anti-bolus feature
  • Compact design
  • Easy set priming
  • User friendly operation

East of Use

  • Compact design (small, space-saving design)
  • User-friendly operation (the controls are simple to use)
  • Connecting your patient care
  • Easy set priming (valuable time can be saved with the automatic set priming feature)


  • Air-in-line sensor
  • Titration mode (to change flow rate without stopping the
  • Free flow protection (to reduce the risks associated with
    accidental free flow)
  • Anti-bolus feature

Specification Brochure