Non-contact Infrared thermometers in the fight against coronavirus

A raised temperature is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 and body temperature check can help in detecting early cases of the disease.

Accuracy of temperature measurement is the most important characteristic of a thermometer and temperature readings must be exceptionally precise.

Medical-grade infrared thermometers are precision devices which use the latest infrared technology to generate accurate temperature readings by simply pointing the thermometer at the forehead from a distance between 3 and 6 cm. This non-contact thermometer takes the temperature by reading the infrared waves emitted by the temporal artery, which runs just below the surface of the skin on the forehead. Using non-contact infrared thermometers can reduce cross-contamination and minimize the risk of spreading the disease.

Medical grade infrared thermometers have the measuring temperature range of 89.6°F to 108°F (32°C to 42.2°C). While 98.6°F (37.0°C) is considered a normal temperature, some studies have shown that normal body temperature can be within a wide range, from 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C). Maximum permissible errors for non-contact infrared thermometers must be less than ±0.4°F (±0.2°C).

FDA and CE approved medical-grade infrared thermometers can help in the effective prevention of spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and these are widely used in public places such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, workplaces, airport stations, schools, shopping malls and supermarkets, residential quarters, etc.